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JS Sloane

Lightweight Brilliantine

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The Lightweight Pomade holds like traditional classic pomade. It is suitable for all hair types, and is perfect for that Rockabilly look, and other retro hairstyles. It has a firm, but flexible feel and hold and it washes out easy with water.

  • Water based formula that washes out easily
  • Clean, slightly floral scrent
  • Light - Medium hold
  • Low - Medium shine

Rub a dab between palms to loosen and warm up product. Slide hands through nearly dry hair. Shape and shake hair into desired look.


The quest for the perfect grooming product, and a passion for all things distinguished and refined, led the to the creation of JS Sloane Co. With this dapper gent in mind and for the love of Hollywood’s golden era and dashing leading men of the silver screen, lead to the development of JS Sloane first products offering a trio of bespoke grooming essentials. Heavyweight Brilliantine, Mediumweight Brilliantine, and High Gloss Top Coat each offer a modern take on old-school men’s hair dressing.