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Established in Canada in 2009, we set out to change men’s grooming. The original barbershop has lost its shine and the tradition was being eroded by modern trends. The focus on male grooming has been lost. We wanted to reintroduce the barbershop experience and make is relevant today.

Australia has taken to Tommy Gun’s like a barber to a beard. Since moving across the water from Canada, the expansion has been rapid with 8 Original Barbershops opening within the first 12 months and now with 14 locations Australia-wide. It’s given retail centres a new offering, business owners a great opportunity and ultimately it’s given blokes the destination for all their grooming needs. And the word is spreading quickly – after all, mates don’t let mates get a bad haircut.

Tommy Gun’s is the complete men’s grooming destination. An original barbershop concept with modern luxuries

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