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Looking for your dream job?

Want the fresh cut feeling?

Haircuts, traditional shaves, beard services and more.

No booking needed.

We are a walk in barbershop. Simply check yourself into our digital queue when you get to our shop or download our app to add yourself to the digital queue remotely.

Not your average barbershop.

You won't just get a service, you'll get an experience. It starts with a refreshing beverage on the house and finishes with a hot towel finish. Plus, did we mention our in-mirror TVs so you can watch sport while having your service?

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There's no better feeling than walking out of the barbershop with a fresh cut.

What Our Customers Have To Say

I was literally overwhelmed by the experience. I just was not expecting to be asked what beer I want and to be pampered while getting my hair cut. My barber was incredibly nice, even handed me the remote for the TV and when I said 'I don't know what to do with myself' he said 'You're supposed to just enjoy'.

T. Silver

Joondalup, Western Australia

My only complaint, is they made me look like a young male model, and my wife can't stop staring at me. 10/10. I downloaded the app so I could book ahead which was a breeze. Arrived to a free cold beer and friendly people. I received personalized advice, recommendations, and an absolute stellar shave and cut.

M. Carroll

Joondalup, Western Australia

The whole experience. It's the little things like a drink while you wait, the attentiveness of the barbes (they don't rush, they do an excellent job), the hot towel. It's an experience, not just a cut.

R. Heckman

Canberra, ACT