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Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop have been designed with the customer experience at centre, creating a complete destination for male grooming.

For years men's grooming needs have been largely ignored. Getting a haircut in a salon surrounded by flowers and piles of ladies magazines...or joining the queue of guys on an uninspiring bench at the local cheap cuts. Getting their hands on the right grooming products was also a challenge, running around to multiple stores for razors, oils or waxes.

Tommy gun's is the new alternative that has been received with high fives and fist pumps. Seamlessly combining the latest technology with old-world finishes, grooming services and products, all under the one accessible roof.

With custom red barber chairs, digital self check in, iPads while you wait, and Foxtel in every mirror, the experience is relaxed, luxurious and affordable. What's not to love? 

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