Facebook Workplace Terms & Use

Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop Workplace TERMS OF SERVICE
Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop's Workplace by Facebook service (the “Service”) provides you with the ability to internally communicate with other
Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop associates in a similar way in which you
communicate with your friends through social media. The Service is
entirely separate from your personal Facebook account.
The Service is provided by Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop in order to give its
employees the opportunity to participate in an internal social
networking site in order to interact. Participation on or use of the
Service is voluntary and is not a requirement of your employment. Use of
Workplace by Facebook represents your agreement to these Terms of
Even though the Service is an internal social media channel there are
certain basic rules that should be followed that are similar to typical
social media channels. The goal of these rules is to ensure that the
Service is used in a manner that is respectful of others’ rights and
opinions and a productive and safe environment for all participants. Also,
the tool should be used in a manner that protects Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop and client trade secret information.
The Service is made available for individual use related to your
employment on behalf of Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop. The Service is intended for the internal discussion of Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop-related business matters, and is not intended for use in connection with personal matters.
Remember the Service is for internal use only. Please obtain
permission from the sender/poster if you would like to utilise any
information from the Service with a client or post publicly.
The Service is hosted from the United States. If you are located outside
of the United States, by using the Service you are consenting to the
transfer of any information you input into the Service (including your
personal data) to the United States for processing.
Users assume all knowledge of applicable law and are responsible for
compliance with any such laws. Users may not use the Service in any way
that violates applicable state, federal, or international laws, regulations,
government requirements or Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop policies and
procedures. Misuse of the Service and/or violation of these Terms of
Service may result in disciplinary action, including in appropriate cases,
suspension or termination. By uploading any information, images, documents or other material on the Service, you represent and warrant that you/Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop have the right or have been granted the right by the owner of the material to use and publish the material throughout the Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop organisation. As with all Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop computer resources, users should have no expectation of privacy with respect to the use of the Service. Any subject matter or related documents that are subject to a legal hold notice (i.e. subject to a legal matter or litigation) shall not be discussed
or posted using the Service. Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop encourages the users of the Service to express themselves and their point of view through the Service. Just to be clear, there is certain content that is inappropriate for the Service, including content which is deemed at Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop’s sole discretion to be:
• Libelous, defamatory, derogatory, demeaning, malicious, abusive,
offensive, or hateful towards any individual or group (including
clients or competitors);
• Obscene, profane, pornographic, or sexually explicit;
• Depicting graphic or gratuitous violence;
• Making threats of any kind or intimidating, harassing, bullying or
showing disrespect for anyone;
• Violating the intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of
another; or
• Violating any company policy
Facebook’s terms and policies
https://fb.facebook.com/legal/FB_Work_Terms also apply to your use of
the Service.
Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop reserves the right to change these Terms of
Service at any time with our without notice.
If you have any questions concerning these guidelines or a concern that
any person is violating these guidelines, please contact

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